1. Just was wondering if anyone adores Zappos as much as I do. I was on there a couple of months ago, on the "Couture" section, and I now LIVE in the Marc Jacobs section of the store. I scored two pairs of shoes, one pair of rope espadrilles in an orange/red/yellow combo, and a pair of small-blue heart patterned heels. They were both more than 50% percent off, so I got two pairs of shoes for 250 instead of 600!

    Anyone else :heart: :heart: :heart: Zappos?
  2. i love Zappos too! the prices are pretty good and i love their return policy
  3. I love Zappos. Quick and free shipping and returns, and Lucky Magazine readers get an additional 14% cash back with Lucky Rewards.
  4. Zappos rocks!!! Great customer service!!!
  5. I like Zappos, they have lightening fast shipping and zillions of shoes to choose from.
    I like there site. If I want red pumps, I just plug red heels in there and out come 65 possiblities.
  6. LOVE zappos...its one of my favorite places next to this place!
  7. I love Zappos. I just wish they had more brands.
  8. :cry: and I wish they send to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. zappos is great!
    i ordered 2 pairs of shoes from their site and they called me and told me they were shipping them to me overnight, free of charge!
  10. I love Zappos :heart:33333 Ordered two pairs of shoes from there thus far.
  11. i love zappos, but they don't ship to Europe...:cry::cry:
  12. I :heart: :heart: :heart: their free shipping/free return shipping policy. It makes purchasing shoes over the internet so much easier. They also carry certain brands/styles that are hard to find... not to mention the occasional sale that goes on!
  13. Overall easy to deal with! Wish they had more upper tier brands as well. BUT tons of other brands and much to choose from.
  14. Oh my, I am in love with these!!
  15. ^^^^ me too! there's a few pairs i'm stalking, trying to get them on sale!