1. Hi everyone,
    Are the Marc by Marc bags on authentic? Mine just came in the mail and I wore it today. I love it, but I just wanted to make sure as there are a few imperfections and the bag smells a little. Also, should I spray it or anything? Thanks, have a great day!
  2. Of course they're authentic. What are the imperfections? If you're not happy, email customer service and they'll send out a replacement.
  3. I have not heard of them to be fake. What does it smell like and what are the imperfections (scratches, marks, etc)? If you are not happy with it, ask for an exchange (I would not be happy with an imperfect/smelly bag). :yucky:
  4. You should definitely ask for a replacement! Do you think it's a "used" return?
  5. Definitely call and ask for a replacement. Their customer service is awesome and they'll probably send you one immediately!

    I don't think mbmj bags get faked very often, if ever. Plus the lining would be too difficult to replicate in most cases.
  6. Loooooove Zappos - Definately authentic MbyMJ
  7. I have friends who used to work at Zappos (one still does actually) and yes its authentic.
  8. I LOVE Zappos!!!!! I have like ten pairs of shoes from them..Talk about a kid in a candy store!! def call Customer Service....You'll be able to ship it back -no charge-and they'll send you another one (of course if it's available)...You print out a return form on your computer and it's free shipping..You choose either UPS or USPS....Just go to the website and click on 'returns'....But I would call CS first!!! Either way I'd send it back..Good luck!!! Don't be's a great site...These things happen sometimes..They will straighten it out!!Keep us posted!!
  9. Thanks you guys!