Zappos shoe prices increasing?

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  1. I usually buy my SW shoes from zappos because I can get a great deal, but I've noticed that the prices have increased a lot!

    I bought a pair of shoes last week for $215, and how they're going for $285!

    And a pair i bought last month were $211, are now $240!

    I did not buy these shoes with any special discount code or during a special promotional period.

    Does regularly increase their prices?

    ETA: I just saw another pair I bought 2 weeks ago for $165 are now $256!
  2. Gosh, no kidding?
    I buy from them too.... but I hadn't paid much attention.
    Think it's the economy?
  3. i think zappos is overpriced. they factor in the shipping into the price...
  4. I've been discouraged since Zappos hardly discounts anything anymore. I rarely order from them anymore, and when I do it is only because I need them within a day or two and no one else ships so fast. Their service is still impeccable (in my experience), but their prices are no longer competitive. I use them more to check reviews now, and then buy from a lower-priced site.
  5. Their prices are always higher than just about every online retailer. I just go to their site to read the reviews
  6. ^^ it is very surprising for the prices to go up so much. some of them are almost up $100 from the price i paid. usually we see prices go down, not up!
  7. Not all the shoes are priced higher than competitors. Bluefly is selling the same SW Idol for $170, and Zappos is selling them for $98
  8. I always find better deals on other websites. Like the other posters, I visit Zappos just to read the reviews before I buy. I've rarely found a cheaper price on their website.
  9. I don't buy from Zappos anymore... their mark-up is ridiculous.

    Btw, what kind of SWs are you buying? Jdildor sells them for ridiculously low prices... so does DSW (the store). I've also seen them at Off Saks and NM Last Call for as low as $49-150.

    A friend of mine got a pair of SWs "Fevers" for $99 from Jdildor...
  10. All shoe prices seem to be increasing. I haven't seen any dropping.
  11. Doesn't Zappos price match? So even if they list their shoes higher than everyone else, won't they match the lower price?

  12. I don't have a DSW or an outlet mall near me :sad: Before I moved, I got my first pair of SW for $50 at Off Saks. What is Jdildor? Is it a store? or a website?
  13. Zappos rarely discounts on their main site. If you want deals, you normally have to wait for the end of the season when they move inventory from to And yes, they are normally among those with highest mark-ups, so I often wind up buying elsewhere to get much better prices.
  14. I noticed that too. I bought a pair of shoes from them last week at $208 and they were up to $350 something over the weekend. But I just checked and all the prices (of the shoes I was looking at anyway) are back down again.
  15. Zappos told me last week that they don't price match anymore. I used to order from them all the time, but I won't anymore.