Zappos price protection policy

  1. Has anyone taken advantage of this, where if you buy something from Zappos and find it cheaper they will honor the cheaper price?
  2. It depends if both sites have the exact shoes and exact size in stock at the exact time. If so, then Zappos is great. If not, bummer.
  3. I don't think they will give you a refund if you have already purchased the shoes from Zappos and then you later find a better deal elsewhere. I had the price match done with them before, but at the time of purchase though. I found a pair of Donald Pliner wedges on sale for a cheaper price at the Donald Pliner website. They were the exact same color and my size was available. I called Zappos and told them which website I saw this deal on. They checked the website to verify it while they were on the phone with me, and then they matched the price plus a small discount on top of that too.
  4. Thanks. I saw some shoes on Bluefly that were a beter price than Zappos but I trust Zappos more than Bluefly.
  5. I've had it done before. But it's hard. They take everything into consideration. The other site has to have the exact same size and color. They also look at the shipping, tax, and other things like that. I tried another time, but they wouldn't let me; it was the same shoe, but at zappos, it was just the name, and at the other website, it had II in it. (I'm guessing a newer model of the shoe).
  6. If only I had tiny feet!

    Macy's has these amazing Michael Kors shoes for $95.99 in Oxblood in a 5 1/2, and Zappos has the EXACT same ones for $142.95!