Zappos free VIP is back for one day 1/23

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  1. This is not a referral link. It's from their twitter blog:

    Signing up for Zappos VIP gives free guaranteed overnight shipping as long as you shop on Membership is usually closed without invite code, but they gave it out on their blog
  2. thanks for posting! i just signed up! yay for free overnight shipping!
  3. Great! Thanks!
  4. Sweet, I just signed up! Thanks!
  5. nice! thanks! just signed up.
  6. yaaay! maybe this will finally get me to shop there.
  7. I just signed up (day late) but I don't quite understand it, they've always had free overnight shipping and free returns. I wonder if they were going to change that?

  8. thanks! i signed up, but it said I was already registered, which I've never purchased....maybe its because i purchased from 6pm?
  9. They changed that about a year ago, but some still got it randomly.
  10. just signed up for it! :smile:!

    It said 514 minutes left to sign up when I clicked the link so it's still going I guess?
  11. Thanks! :smile:
  12. Thanks! Just signed up!
  13. thank you!!
  14. Gone! Clicked the link and it said its over :sad:
  15. missed it but I realized I rarely shop there so I shouldn't be sad. T4p though.