Zappos: Free Overnight Shipping this Week

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  1. Got this in my email today:



    As part of a special promotion, we will upgrade your order to
    OVERNIGHT shipping for free!

    Orders must be placed before 1 PM PST in order to ensure delivery
    within 1 business day after that.

    Orders that are placed between 1 PM PST on Friday and 11:59 PM PST
    on Sunday (or during a holiday) will be shipped on the next
    business day and delivered within 1 business day after that. This
    promotion is available only if shipping to a location within the
    48 contiguous US states that is serviced by UPS and Fedex (for
    example, it is not available if shipping to a PO Box).

    This promotion is valid through Wednesday, February 28th 2007.

    Plus, free return shipping with our 365-day return policy!
  2. I ordered a bag from them today let you know if it comes tomorrow.
  3. thanks!
  4. Bag came today at 2:30 pm, ordered yesterday and I'm in California. Thought about trying ebags but went to reseller reviews and I'm so glad I choose Zappos. They were also $138 cheaper than Bloomies on this bag!:yahoo: