- miss marc pouch

  1. thanks to vintagelove, i ordered this pouch from last night (at around 11:30pm). they upgraded my order to free overnight delivery and i received the package this morning. i couldn't believe it! shes too cute; she'll fit nicely in my hudson :smile:
    Photo 429.jpg
  2. awww! i'm so glad you ordered it:tup:
    i've always had good luck w/ Zappos... and they really have a great mbmj selection!
  3. got that super fast! How fun!! Congrats!
  4. I LOVE & ADORE the "Miss Marc" line! :nuts: And I'm looking in getting a MMarc pouch as well~!

    CONGRATS on your purchase!
  5. i love 'Miss Marc'. so cute
  6. ooh, my DH got me the navy one for valentine's day - i just love it. i still smile every time i take her out of my bag....she's just so fun!
  7. Congrats! Miss Marc is just too cute to resist! :heart::flowers:
  8. Congrats such a sweet little thing.
  9. Good for you. congrats! Yes Zappos is really fast in terms of deliver. They have this free delivery and very fast too. One time, i ordered Brighton - Crystal Heart Pouch from Zappos' and it came to me the next day. I really love it.
  10. That's so cuuute--congrats!!!
  11. thanks everyone! :smile: