Zappos are legit site?

  1. Just as the title saids, I don't know if they sell fakes. Any experience with their Marc by Marc Jacob?

  2. Yes, they are totally legit and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Free and very fast shipping, as well as free return shipping. I bought a Marc by Marc from them about a year or so ago and it was definitely authentic. I've also bought other bags and tons of shoes from them. They are one of my fav online retailers.
  3. I use Zappos all the time, mainly for shoes. I love the policy of free shipping both ways, it makes returns free and easy.

    Great company.
  4. Zappos is legit and they have a wonderful selection.
  5. Zappos is authentic and they have the best customer service and fastest shipping time of any online company I've dealt with.
  6. Love Zappos for shoes!
  7. Absolutely legit, and some of the best customer service of any online retailer.
  8. Zappos is awesome! That's a cute bag! Congrats. Be sure to post some pics when you get it! :smile:
  9. Zappos is great! All authentic!
  10. Yeah totally 100%.. I LOVE looking at their stuff!
  11. Zappos is 100% legitimate and I shop with them all the time!
  12. Ditto what everyone says. Plus you don't have to pay tax on the MJ bags like you would at a retailer!
  13. yes, very
  14. Cute bag!! :yes: I am just now looking at ordering some shoes from them, their service is excellent!!