Zappos - any quality issues?

  1. Hey there,

    Has anyone had any quality issues with buying handbags from Zappos?

    I'm concerned as there is a 365 day return policy (which might be good for some!) but I'm worried with such a lenghty policy, some people may be returning bags after a long while, in which time the leather may have began sagging etc.

    Basically I want to buy a bag that is in brand new quality! Not a return! And at the moment Zappos and Ebags are the only two that stock it that accept international credit cards.

    Ebags has a lesser return policy, but I'm not as familiar with them as Zappos.
  2. I have never had anything but top notch service from Zapp.os. I've only ordered one bag from them, but have ordered a ton of other stuff. They are super high rated for customer service, so I doubt they would put that in jeopardy by returning sub-par returns to inventory. I wouldn't hesitate to order!
  3. I've only ordered shoes, but have easily received fifteen pairs from them over the years with no problem. Every pair was unworn, and looked unopened in the box.
  4. I've been a loyal Zappos customer for years and years... literally have ordered hundreds of shoes and clothing items from them and I have zero complaints with service or quality. All of my items have been top notch quality and brand new (with the exception of the below story).

    A few months ago I ordered some shoes that had white soles... they looked like they had been worn, but in otherwise perfect condition. I emailed Zappos and asked... they refunded me, told me to keep them, and gave me a gift certificate for future purchases. WONDERFUL customer service.
  5. Zappos has amazing customer service and I would be shocked if they were putting bags back in inventory after the customer had them for months.

  6. I have found the same thing with Zappos. My absolute favorite company for selection and customer service! :yahoo:
  7. I have never bought a bag from them but I have never had a bad experience. They are pretty liberal about price adjustments, too.
  8. I have purchased shoes several times and all have come in unused/unworn condition. Also, I believe the return policy states that items must be returned in unworn condition. They offer free shipping both ways, double bonus!
  9. I have bought shoes and clothing from Zappos and if I ever had a problem, they note it and offer to send a replacement or let me return it....They will even let you do an exchange without charging you for the new item so you can get it quicker..They only ask that you return the original item within a certain time frame (I think it was 10 days). Their customer service is amazing and no hassles!
  10. Thanks everyone!!!

    Sounds like they are amazing!
  11. I have never bought a handbag from them but I have bought a couple pairs of shoes before. The shoes were brand-new, never worn. Their customer service is amazing!
  12. I order all the time from Zappos, never a problem with their service or products! Yes you have a 1 yr return policy but it has to be new unused!!
  13. Zappos is one of my all-time favorite companies. I've been purchasing shoes, accessories and clothing from them for years and have never had an issue with the quality of their products. Their customer service is excellent and their shipping is lightning fast. On tpf I've mentioned them more times than I can count because Zappos is just plain fabulous! You won't be disappointed. :tup:
  14. I have never had any issues at all with Zappos. Great company and great quality.
  15. I watched a documentary on this company, and they are truly dedicated to their workers and customers. Can't wait to order from them!