Zappos 110% price adjustment

Oct 12, 2007
I just got an email from zappos regarding their price adjustment change. Here is her reply:

"Thank you for contacting the Customer Loyalty Team.​

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are not able to honor
your request. At this time, no longer offers 110% price
protections. I'm happy to explain this change in our policy.​

Here at, we want to consider ourselves a unique shopping
experience, and therefore do not match our policies to follow industry
standards. We are committed to providing superior customer service, and
offering services like free shipping both ways, 365 day unworn return
policy, 24/7 customer support, unbeatable selection, and so much more. is a service company and with this, we hope to grow based on
customer loyalty.​

It is certainly your prerogative to shop anywhere you wish. If price is
your main focus, we welcome you to inquire with our competitors below
who do offer a price matching policy at this time.​

You may also be interested in visiting discount website for
great deals.​

Thank you again for your inquiry and I hope that I've been able to
clarify our stance. I look forward to being able to serve you in the

We are constantly striving to improve our service. If there is anything
more we can do for you or if we could improve your experience, please
do not hesitate to let us know. We are always here for you - 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We like to think of ourselves as
service company that just happens to sell... shoes, bags, clothing, and
accessories. 1-800-ZAPPOS-1 (1-800-927-7671) or 702-943-7677.​

Have a great day!"​


Ain't got da answers
Jul 10, 2006
OMG! I can't believe they referred you to other places. I've been finding great shoes at Solestruck, 6pm, Endless and Overstock, among others. Zappos is not exactly "cheap". The free O/N shipping was a good reason to buy, but Endless is offering that...I was lucky enough to order from them when they gave you $5 off every order, too!


Feb 28, 2007
i didn't realize they ended overnight shipping as well, that's too bad.

I've been looking at a lot now, but they have like 6-7 shipping


Oct 19, 2006
in the store....
Zappos has never been cheap, but they are really loosing out to my favorite shoe place - Endless. They offer price matching, super fast FREE shipping and free returns. Great sales too!

Your loss Zappos!

shop girl

Sep 16, 2006
St. Louis
wow, that's a ral shame! they got great play from nyt last fall which built their base. more than anything else it's a bad business move-their customer base will lose interest if not distrust's already too late for zappos!


Aug 27, 2006
The price is can be a little more than other online retailers, but if you factor in free shipping and 6% cash back on *********** then sometimes it can even out.


Ain't got da answers
Jul 10, 2006
The price is can be a little more than other online retailers, but if you factor in free shipping and 6% cash back on *********** then sometimes it can even out.
Sometimes, but most times, not...I've bought the same shoes they had for more than half off on other sites.


Nov 8, 2007
wow, this is such a shock. haha, i feel like a loser but i'm sure you ladies understand my dismay! no more price match AND no more one day shipping?!! bye bye zappos - you've had a good run


I Miss The 80s & 90s
Dec 4, 2007
It's very disappointing that Zappos changed the same policies that got them to where they are now. I only used the price protection policy once and I was looking forward to using it again. What a shame. :sad:


Nov 18, 2007
So glad I saw this, I was about to order a new pair of shoes but I think I'll venture over to Endless. They DO have 110% price-match and free overnight shipping. This sucks b/c I have always preferred Zappos. :sad:

Maybe Zappos doesn't understand Gen-Y and how we are SO not loyal...hopefully they pick up on it and change it back!


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Oct 9, 2006
in my happy place
I am pretty sure that is actually Zappos discount company. No more Zappos for me! I was just shoe shopping last night, and comparing prices and Zappos is higher every time.


Nov 18, 2007
Hi everyone,

I sent a note to the Zappos Public Relations email alias last night and here is what they sent back:

Hi Jordana,

First, thanks for taking the time to email me and passing on your
feedback! It's actually through feedback from customers that we have
decided to create 2 separate web sites, and Here is
an explanation of the difference between the 2 sites: is for customers that want the very best customer service and
the very best selection, with free shipping both ways, a 365-day return
policy, and 24/7 customer service that's above and beyond what you would
normally find at any retailer anywhere. is for customers that are looking for a large selection of
products at deep discounts. It's not free shipping both ways, and the
return policy is only 30 days. By reducing our costs, this means 6pm is
able to offer really deep discounts, as much as 75% off. As we continue
to add more selection to 6pm, look for even deeper discounts in the

We decided to remove our price protection policy from Zappos because we
didn't feel it was consistent with our goal of making Zappos customer
service-focused as opposed to price-focused. We found that most of the
customers that were using our former price protection policy would
actually save even more money if we started out with deeply discountedd
products in the first place, which they will now be able to find on

Regarding our decision to stop advertising and promoting free overnight
shipping on Zappos, it's actually simply just that: a decision to stop
advertising and promoting it, not a decision to actually stop doing it.

This means that the vast majority of our customers will still get their
orders as quickly as they used to... the only difference is that we made
the decision to not advertise or promise it, because we found that our
customers were happier when they were surprised by the fast shipping. So,
if you order from us and choose the free shipping option, chances are that
your order will come just as quickly as they did before!

(As a side note, just like before, occasionally our warehouse may run into
hiccups. For example, a storm may prevent some of our employees from
coming to work. If you pay for the overnight shipping option, your order
will be given priority processing in our warehouse and guaranteed
overnight delivery, even during those times when we run into hiccups.)

It's true that we would probably get more customers if we continued to
market free overnight shipping as opposed to surprising customers with it,
but we decided that we wanted Zappos to be known as a customer service
company, not a marketing company.

As far as referring customers to our competitors, this is actually
something that we've always done if we feel that it is in the best
interest of the customer. For example, if we are out of stock of a
particular style and a customer only wants that style, all of our reps are
instructed to search on competitor web sites to try to find it for the
customer. We believe that it's better customer service if we do that.

I hope this helps in explaining the recent changes we've made at Zappos.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks
again for taking the time to email me!


Dec 10, 2006
That's weird, why they stopped price matching. Because I just bought a North Face Jacket that reatils for $200 and I price matched it to for $89. This was 2 weeks ago.