Zappos 110% price adjustment

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  1. I know this question may sound nuts. I am wondering what Zappos 110% price adjustment means? If I want to order a pair of shoes which has lower price on another website, Zappos will give me the same price another online retailer offers or a lower price? How to calculate 110%? Sorry, I am a maths nuts:yes:
  2. they will give ut he same price as the other site including tax and shipping and handling) then reduce another 10%
  3. I'm pretty sure they stoped the PMs on Feb 12th. It no longer shows up on their website either.
  4. I agree. I don't find it on the Zappos site anymore, but here is the cached version:

    The 10% was 10% of the difference, not the price. So If something is $100 on zappos, and another site was $80 + $10 shipping, zappos would give it to you for $89
    .. limited to 1 item a month.

    Don't know why they'd think they'd restrict it more before outright stopping it.
  5. OMG, chinadoll, did they announce it or something? I just checked the site and it really is gone. I know they changed it to once a month not long ago, and I've been holding off some things I wanted to price match to decide which special item I should price match for, and now the whole policy is out?! NOOOOOOOOOO! :rant: :smash:

    I loved that policy, especially with the awesome CS on top of that. :crybaby:
  6. ^Zappos has been known to take items off the website when it goes on sale on other sites like Neiman Marcus, etc. So in a sense they were avoiding price matches already as much as possible. They informed some customers of the 2/12 date and it got announced by some forums online, but I don't think zappos announced it
    I just did my first price match on Monday not knowing
  7. There are some great things about Zappos (like convenience), but their prices due tend to be higher and they also keep their stock WAY long. They can have shoes several seasons and still at a steep price compared to the larger stores that move them out.
  8. thank youuuuuuuu
  9. has anyone tried to price match after 2/12 successfully?

    I made an order before 2/12 and was wondering if I could still price match for it???
  10. WHAT??? They can't take the 100% PM away :sad: I've gotten really awesome deals bc of this...
  11. No free overnight shipping either! I hate them now :sad:
  12. WHAAAAAAA? I'm so surprised! They must be hemorraging money in order to do away with these perks. They don't have anything going for them anymore, do they?
  13. I was talking to a Zappos associate on their live chat and asked them why the change. She said it's because they want their customers to focus on the many services they offer, not their prices. But uh... what services?? Shipping is still free but now takes 3-4 days! Prices are almost always higher than other places too.

    Wrong move, zappos.:tdown:
  14. Aw, "focus on the many services they offer"? That's like some restaurants saying they're only giving us this small thimble of food because they want us to focus on how the subtle flavors of their lavender-thyme-ginger-coconut-coriander chicken synergize on your tonuge.