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  1. I couldn't find a thread for this italian brand of postman bags. I love their bags! I really love their leather, yet they are so hard to find. I got to know this brand when Reebonz brought them in. Now their website has a worldwide online store (thank God!). They are so under the radar. Below are my 4 postinas: 2 full bull leather, 2 canvas. If anyone also owns these Postinas or their Ninas, do share here.

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  2. Wow! What a beautiful collection, babysunshine![emoji173]️
    I once saw a lady carrying the Postina and I fell in love with the brand though I still don't own one.
    What size are yours?
  3. This is a great thread an I hope that there are some ladies out there to keep it going. :smile:
    Last Christmas I got a Postina. It is a small version made from original silk leather. The colour is amaranto. It is a tad bit small for my daily use, but I like it nevertheless and try to use it as often as possible.



    Babysunshine, thanks for starting this thread. I like your Postinas very much. Which sizes do you have?
  4. Thank you! The bags are large as I am used to large bags. :smile:

  5. Your original silk is so pretty! I love the colour! Glad to find a like-minded friend who also owns a Postina! :smile:)

  6. Thank you! :smile: Yes, it is nice to see, that there are some Postina lovers out there...
  7. you have a great collection... make me wanna get one of them :smile:
  8. They look beautiful indeed! Despite being an italian brand I haven't really paid any attention to Zanellato... I need to start now :biggrin: Their prices aren't that bad either. Isn't the postina a bit tricky to open and close?

  9. No, the closure is not tricky at all.
    One of my local boutiques is now selling the Postinas. Very happy to be able to look at them irl, now and not only on the computer screen.
    I have never seen the Postina at stores in Italy, only some look-a-likes at the tourist markets.
  10. I'm new to the game, but I like their design! What is the story of this brand????

  11. Hello and welcome! [emoji4]
    Zanellato is an Italy based brand. Their products are made there.

    Here is an excerpt from their homepage:
    "The Postina[emoji768] is an original revisited feminine version of the bag used by the Italian postman in the 50’s in genuine calfskin leather, light and silky to touch.

    Zanellato has decided to introduce a unique accessory to protect the quality and authenticity of the product.An incision with the philatelic postmark issued to Franco Zanellato on 21 June 2011 by Poste Italiane will be placed on one of the two studs using the Guillochè technique by the master jewelers Girotto from Vicenza.

    Every Postina[emoji768] is an original handmade article."
  12. Thank you both for posting pictures of your Postinas, I hadn't heard of this brand. The simplicity and the lovely slouchy leather appealed to me very much and I've just ordered a medium in the original silk :biggrin:

  13. Medium is a great size and original silk is awesome leather. I would compare it to Mulberry NVT. My Postina is original silk, too.
    What colour did you get? Please share a picture when you get her. [emoji4]
    I'm very glad that I was helpful enabeling you. You will like your new bag.
  14. The colour is called moretto - it looks like a very dark brown/black but is described as beige brown confusingly, I think that might be a translation thing! I'm really looking forward to receiving it, and I'll post a picture :smile:
  15. I just got one last week (Not silk leather, though. I got the "daily" bag) and I am smitten. It was Ludmilla's bag that sold me on the brand as well :smile: they should pay her a commission.

    The silk leather looks absolutely gorgeous. I think you'll be very happy with the bag.