Zales, Kay, Whitehall, Etc. Etc.

  1. Regarding any of the Jewelry stores you would typically see inside the malls..
    Do any of these stores to on-site sizing on rings?
    or Do they have to be sent out for a period of time to get sized? :sad:
    Do they have certain rings (in a specific style) in several sizes.. or are they all one size and if you need a bigger size/smaller you have to get the ring sized? :sad:

    I would love to know any info! Thank you!
  2. standard 7, some places 6.

    they normally send them out to get fixed. unless you see a jeweler in the shop then its sent out..
  3. I've never come across a mall jeweler that sizes on site. They are usually sent out to a local place or somewhere the chain has a contract with. If it is a more high end jeweler, w/ a larger selection, like a Jared or Bailey Banks, they may do that sort of thing on site. Normal size is a seven, I believe at most stores.