Zales Bought Tiffany's

  1. AHHHHHH!!!!! i know right? i was so scared when i heard this. i was totally freaking out. i was at the mall today, and was like, "i have to know" so i passed zales first and went in and asked if it was true, they told me then i went to tiffany's and asked to make sure and they said no as well. i was so relieved. i mean, there is nothing wrong with zales, but when i want tiffany's, i want tiffany's.....hope this didnt scare anyone too badly.
  2. I agree! When I saw this thread, I was like.... WHAT? :wtf:

    So glad it isn't true..
  3. now talk about an attention getting title lol
  4. Wow! That's crazy someone would say that! Did you read it somewhere or hear it on the radio?
  5. one of my college professors told me that she read it in a business magazine, so i believed her, but thank goodness it isnt true.
  6. Of course it's not true, but that would suck if it were. I am not too pleased with Zales as of late. Two rings I bought from them lost stones, and my Movado watch I bought from them stopped running...twice. It was a hassle getting these things fixed too. I won't be buying from them ever again.
  7. Phew-glad to know that isn't true! I've had a few not-so-good Zales experiences.
  8. I definitely agree with you! Tiffany's is, well, Tiffany's!
  9. Oh God, you scared me!!
  10. When I saw the title I thought WTF can't be true. I am glad it isn't
  11. Thank God this isn't true. My heart just sank when I read the title of this thread!
  12. I lost my breath when I read the title of this post!
  13. oh i'm so glad it's not true!
  14. whats with zales?? please enlighten me coz i have no idea why you guys freaking out if zales take over tiffanys