Zadig & Voltaire

  1. When I was living in Europe, I became absolutely obssessed with this clothing line. It's simple, chic, yet always edgy, and a bit punk rock. When I finally found it I felt I had found clothes I really love for once, that actually fit my personality. I never buy many items at once when clothes shopping but I found myself buying a whole season's worth in one trip and adding on more each time I went in!!! And that is just not how I shop! I'm usually pretty careful with my spending but this store makes me crazy!

    Since I moved back to the States I am suffering from severe withdrawal. I have this beautiful fall/winter wardrobe in my closet that (in the already warm South) I am having to slowly put away with NO cool spring/summer wardrobe to replace it :sad:

    I know they have one store in LA but I'm no where near LA (why oh WHY do they not have a store in NYC, it makes so much sense!!) and don't want to order blindly. Does anyone know of this line? Do you like it/wear it? Can you recommend other lines you love as much???
  2. I once was obsessed about getting a bag from there, but I couldn't track it down and couldn't reach anyone at their LA store. I live in LA now and haven't gotten around to going there myself, but I should. I love their clothes too!
  3. I've heard of it. Apparently it's the favourite brand of the chic parisian women....