zacorey's lilac work on ebay?

  1. zacorey, did you sell your lovely lilac city?:shocked:
    did someone on PF buy it?
  2. I just saw it ....and missed it:amazed: . Oh how I wish I was the one who hit BIN...
    Zacorey, what do you have your sights set on now to give up that beautiful bag??
  3. I am SO embarrased!!! I can't believe I did that! Esile- you have me hooked on the fire engine red!!!!!! Yes- a PF girl got it! I'll be back later tonight- have to run!!!
  4. :lol: zacorey, i'm sorry but i can't help laughing!!! :lol: you are SOOOOO funny :lol: i'm so sorry about your lilac but you hopped on the rouge bandwagon so fast that you left dust in my face :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    (you're so cute....i know i am mean by laughing at you, but you're so funny that it's tooooo cute):lol:
  5. aww, nothing to be embarassed about! ;)
    i couldn't think of anything better than being hooked on the fire engine red!

    congrats to the PF girl that won!

  6. booyah, all aboard the rouge bandwagon!!!
  7. just one side effect of the b-bag addiction....
  8. Hi all, I bought Zacorey's bag :shame:. I fell in love :love::love:when I saw in it post-lube on the thread so when I saw it on ebay I had to scoop it up. I'm soooo excited :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:!!!!!

    Maybe it's time to sell some bags now to make room for this one :P.
  9. Wow!! Everything happened so fast! I didn't even see the auction!
    Congrats to zacorey and chloe!! :yahoo: :upsidedown: :yahoo:
  10. OMG ..... cate me too, I didn't even see the auction - I'm always sleeping at this time, because the time-difference (Switzerland/Europe) - I hate this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :Push:

    Ohh zac .... CONGRATS to this very fast sale - and enjoy the fire enginge red instead the lilac :flowers::yes:

    CONGRATS chloesmygirl ..... to this GORGEOUS Lilac bag ... wow you lucky girl - ENJOY it :flowers::love:
  11. Thanks Cate and FirstClass :flowers:. I'm pretty excited because I've been wanting a lilac for awhile now and Zacorey did such a great job lubing.
  12. Ladies, we've become a mafia!!! :graucho:

    Congrats on that new bag, it is truly beautiful after the treatment zacorey gave it.
  13. HA! HA! I know- it is hysterical!!! I do this all the time! I had so many LV bags I went through! I'd buy them- not use them and sell them right away! I'm so glad you can laugh at me! Just keep watching- they'll most probably be more to laugh at!!!!!!! :lol: (there will be more dust to come- my name here should be undecisivezacorey:shame: )
  14. esile- it's all your fault!!!:rant:

    First- don't you already have a lilac- I thought you do! Thanks for the congrats of the sale:flowers: :heart:

    bestises- we are the mafia! LOL:graucho:

    chloe- YAY! Happy you got my bag! I know she'll be in loving hands!:biggrin: :yes:

    mac- maybe Chloe will sell you the bag if she's undecisive like me!!!:lol:
  15. Oh- can I still keep my aviator???LOL