Zach Morris at my work!

  1. Zach Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) is at my work right now. I work for Oakley the eyewear company and heard he was in the employee store doing some shopping, so my coworkers and I instantly ran down there. It was funny because when we got in we looked around and didn’t see him and were like “where is Zach Morris?” An employee store worker pointed behind us and he was standing right there! He looks way different in person. So different I seriously thought they confused him for a look-alike, but after really checking him out, it’s him. Zach is getting old. :sad: No really he looked very casual and nice. :yes:

    BTW: I was a big time Saved By The Bell fan. ;)

  2. lol... he does look a lot different now. but i still think he looks good for his age.

    i was a huge SBTB fan too!
  3. i love zach!
  4. He was on NYPD Blue- he looks different now, but good different. How exciting for you!
  5. How funny! I was a huge Saved By The Bell fan too when I was young. I remember going to an event to meet the cast and I got to take pictures with him, Tiffany-Amber Thiessen, and Mario Lopez. I remember being surprised because Mark-Paul had severe acne IRL.
  6. Hahaa! you shoulda got his signature!
  7. I rarely watched Saved by the Bell, but I remember when he guested on Law and Order SVU, and I thought he was really handsome. On the episode, he plays a man in the porn industry who was gang-raped. :sad: Very different from his SBTB days, but his acting was good.

    Kirsten, does he look like this IRL? :love:

  8. Oops, pic didn't show. Here's another:

  9. Zach attack!!!! I love that show, still watch the re-runs!

    Sounds like a fun day for you :yes:
  10. How cool. Thanks for posting.
  11. spiralsnowman: Yes, he looks more so like that now except his hair is a lot longer and he had it gelled back. I didn't like that look on him. He looks a lot better with shorter hair. IMO.
    I really wish I would have taken some sneaky spy photos with my camera phone. I figured we needed to leave him alone and let him do his shopping.

    So yup, that was the excitement for the day! :p

    (Oh besides getting a new bag! :yahoo: )
  12. I love Saved By the Bell reruns! Zack and Kelly for life!
  13. omg how fun for you that was my favorite show when I was little!!!
  14. I watch Saved by the Bell every morning from 7am to 7:50am. I never finish watching the second one because I have to leave for work! :crybaby:
  15. so exciting! i loved that show too! I saw lisa turtle once and i was so excited..i was the only one of my friends who knew who she was..they were like.. "lisa what??"