zac posen

  1. i guess i'm a little out of it... i have a zac posen dress but never knew he had a handbag line! does anyone own any of his pieces?
  2. I think the handbag line is relatively new. I love the clothes so will definitely be interested in seeing some of the pieces.
  3. I have ordered 3 of the zac posen handbags for fall and i can not wait to get them. i will tell you all about them when they come in!
  4. Love Zac's the handbags are fab!
  5. I have this little problem with shopping on EGC events at Saks...let's just say!:graucho:

    Anyway, I went down (innocently) to Bal Harbour in Miami yesterday to possible buy a few things etc...anyway, the NEW ZAC POSEN LINE for FALL 06 was sitting on the glass countertop WAITING to be put on display!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    THEY ARE UNREAL! It's (almost positive) that this is his first Handbag Line & they're great! So, since everyone was surrounding them and touching "my bags"...I had to purchase them...Please note the word "HAD"!!!

    Anyway, as far as Saks goes, they are only going to be in three of them: NY, Beverly Hills and Miami (but I bought Miami out!) The bags are so reasonably priced and they are just AMAZING!!

    I will post pics as soon as they come...I had them shipped for the boxes & I get free shipping etc! That was fun...My DH is going to kill me!!! HEHEHEHEHEH...
  6. Nordy's in San Diego - the Fashion Valley store - just received a shipment of his bags. They're very nice but I just didn't fall "in love" with anything in particular. If you're looking for a specific bag, give them a ring and ask for Joseph--he's my favorite SA :smile: Their number is 619.295.4441.

    Btw, they had that bag that Beyonce was recently photographed carrying--but in black and in white. They didn't have the tan...
  7. I saw that! It was a great bag...but the Tan & White is SOOOO much better!!!!


    "To each is own"
  8. I just saw the Zac Posen line in Saks, NY. Totally gorgeous. I wonder if they will receive a warm welcome!

  9. I think Zac's new handbags are great ... but this isn't his first handbag line. His bags have sold at Neiman Marcus in the past.... This is just his first handbag line that is getting a lot of attention.