Zac Posen who likes it?

  1. Not my style.

    Do you like it?
  2. theres things i like about it and things i am unsure about
  3. [​IMG]

    i like it...
    but honestly the pic doesn't lok too appealing, from they way the drawstring clinched...

    but i first saw it from other site where the drawstring's open adn i think it's soo much prettier :smile:
  4. ^ooohhh yeah I like that one a little better
  5. yeah it looks a lot different like that
  6. i def like it better open, but i feel like the handles are in an odd spot. but if you like it then go for it! its just not my style
  7. Oh nooo Did you get it? hey they have this exact bag at intermixonline for less than $600!!!