Zac Posen-What would you do?

  1. So I recently started looking at Zac Posen bags, and falling in love..thinking maybe I would buy one on eBay or something. I was searching the MJ sale thread (BTW-I have NO brand loyalty haha), when I saw this post about NR:
    I noticed the Zac Posen bag on the right side. I just called NR (coincidentally, this was my local NR-which makes me think it's meant to be), and they still have the bag and put it on hold for me. The bag is $415, which is a steal for the bag, but I have a dilemma.
    I just purchased a Gryson on their site (also on major sale) that I love, and I feel like it's too soon to get another bag. I have the money, and I would not be putting myself into any kind of debt (I worked this summer a TON to save up for studying abroad in London, and then I was frugal in London, so I have more money left over than anticipated that I do not need for this semester). I want to get it so badly, but I don't want to regret it, or feel guilty over it. My friends and I are way different when it comes to bags and even when I bought my Gryson yesterday (for a steal! $175 down from $875) and sent it to my friend, she thought it was a lot of money, and I was crazy. I'm just worried if I get both of these bags...first of all, I will definitely hide it from my mom (she also thinks I spend too much money on bags). Selling some Coach bags or something on craigslist would make me feel better and be a good solution, but if I want it hte bag (which I do), I really have to get it tomorrow or it will probably be gone. Should I just get it and put it away until my birthday (july) and call it a birthday present? Or buy it and make a pledge to sell other things? I just know I have more bags than I need, but I LOVE this bag and was hoping to get one for like $600 on eBay eventually...
  2. Isn't it raining great deals lately? I would get the Zac Posen bag...I too picked up a bag at the Gryson sale.

    Can you post which Zac Posen bag you are looking at getting. I just love his bags.
  3. The SA didn't say the name of it. From the picture I posted (where you can only see maybe 1/10 the bag), it looks like the Aurora. If it is, it's the same size as the one Rachel Bilson was seen carrying (as far as I know, thats the only size of the Aurora), and there's no damage, I think I'm going to get it. Then I could just lie about the price or something.
  4. I believe so...Rachel's bag. The one shown in the pic at NR looks smaller, though I've never seen it in a smaller size.
  5. I seen it at NM but not at that price.
  6. I just got a Zac Posen clutch and I have to say I really love it... and that is a really good deal for that bag! (and for the gryson bag you got!)

    If it were me, I would sell some other bags (especially if you are not using them) so I wouldn't feel guilty about getting the one I really really want.

    Is it final sale? If not, then maybe you should buy it and take it home and see how it goes with your own stuff etc. and then you won't feel as time pressured and can always return it if you don't love it.
  7. I don't know about you, but sometimes that I get so caught up in obsessing about a bag that it becomes more about the wanting than the actual owning. I've spent weeks hunting down a specific bag, being thrilled to get it, and then within a month I'm on the hunt for a different bag. :shame:

    If it's your local NR, buy it and put it in your closet for a week. If everyday you're itching to cut the tags off and use it, keep it! However, if you buy it and are satisfied at that, return it.
  8. If you can afford it, go for it! You could put it away for a few days to think about it before you take off the tags (sometimes I get caught up in the moment and don't actually want something as much as I think I do). But if you decide to keep it, call it an early birthday present and don't make yourself wait to use it! (Waiting is way overrated - LOL)
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. I went today and found out it was final sale for the bag (SA told me all bags at NR that were originally priced over $1k are). There's a tiny screw coming out on the hardware on the handle. There are also a few really minor marks on the frame of the bag (the dark looks like little leather pieces are scratched out..very small, but still). I'm going to go back tomorrow or tuesday and see if it's still there, or maybe ask if they can do a small discount for the damage-though I'm sure thats why it was sent to NR. I still don't know about it..I keep saying I'll definitely buy it and then changing my mind. It's also REALLY REALLY heavy. I was carrying a MBMJ huge bag with a ton of stuff in it, and my bag was about 1/2 as heavy as the empty Zac Posen. Still, I want it. If it was returnable, it would have been in my possession. Still don't know about this one..
  10. Glad you got to see it, go with your gut it's never wrong.

    I had a Coach Miranda bag in red, the thing wieghed 5lbs empty. I returned it and was told I was crazy because the SA had a waiting list of 5 woman for that bag. I just couldn't keep it, and I don't regret returning it, the SA told me that I would! If I had listen to my gut, which told me the bag was heavy I never got it.
  11. If you're unsure about it, I would sit tight. Even if it's a great deal, and you can afford it, if you have to think about it that much then there's something about it that isn't right. For me, a handbag purchase has to be total head-over-heels-in-love, regardless of price.
  12. I agree 100%, if you don't absolutely love it than you might feel super guilty about it and a bag should make you feel good! :p... in that case (and b/c of the "issues" with the bag) I say don't get it.