Zac Posen vs Marc Jacobs - opinions please

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Zac Posen or Marc Jacobs

  1. Zac Posen

  2. Marc Jacobs

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Please let me know which you like better. If i could i would get both, but i can only have ONE.

    the Zac Posen (i know it's a bit old now)

    OR this Marc Jacobs's bag;

  2. Zac Posen...looks more unique
  3. I also say the Zac Posen, it is definitely a head turner.
  4. zac posen hands down :yes:
  5. My votes for the Zac Posen as well!
  6. Marc Jacobs.
  7. I like the Zac Posen. If I saw you on the street with this bag I would definitely look twice. Besides, who cares if it's a bit looks good!!!
  8. I'm an MJ fan, but I much prefer this Zac Posen bag!
  9. ^ I agree. I typically would vote for MJ, but I've been in a MJ funk lately, and the Zac Posen looks amazing! Let us know what you decide to do!
  10. I usually love Zac Posen, but for some reason, this style just seems really dated to me. I'd go for the MJ!
  11. Zac Posen here. I think it's beautiful yet strong.
  12. I think the zac posen is clealry the winner, i like this bag too, just because it's so unique. Will let you know what i decide to go with, but hwavliy leaning on the Zac Posen.
  13. zac posen on this one!
  14. Zac Posen.. i love it!!
  15. I like the Zac Posen. Its unique and Zac Posen isn't so mainstream yet. You'll have a bag that you won't see EVERYWHERE.

    Then MJ bag is kind of plain to me. :tdown: