Zac Posen Spring '07

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  1. I LOVE zac posen.
    Maria crocodile shoulder bag
    Woven leather tote. This one's my favorite.
    Python Jacqueline clutch
    Iconic leather Grace clutch
    Iconic leather zip satchel
    Just blogged about this line and now posting here. I'm doing double duty! What do you guys think? I like all these bags, especially the second, fourth, and fifth ones.
  2. i love the last one!
    but my all time favourite is this :
  3. I love the Alexia bag. In fact, if I could buy a handbag now, that would be the one. May rally for mom to get it. Her birthday's coming up :graucho: . But fun bags for spring, no?
  4. yes! i think this is the first time i ever noticed zac posen, before i just never interested in his line :P
  5. He just started making handbags this season. He's my new interest.
  6. Don't waste your money girls!!!!!! I am so pi$$ed right now I could spit. But being the lady that I am...I won't. I'll just vent here. I bought Zac Posen's admittedly beautiful Aurora bag as I've posted previously. You'll also see the situation I was faced with after I bought it! But today was the end of my love affair with my bag. Even though I've had the bag in my possession for a was the first day I used it. After using super glue to temporarily fix the nice slice in the leather - before it goes off to the "bag doctor" I decided it was camoflauged enough to actually use it. I literally had it on my arm for less than one half hour when at the cosmetics counter I went to open it...and to my embarrassment...while sliding the knob on top and using the ring to pull it open the ring came off in my hand. Barely a pull, not even a tug. Needless to say I wouldn't be buying any blush at this cosmetics counter. My first impulse was to say "it's a knockoff" to hide the shame over the fact that I actually paid $1400.00 for this purse. Then thought about making these "designers" accountable for the trash they're peddling???? I've been defending this purchase to my daughter who keeps telling me I bought the equivalent of a gumball machine prize...but arguments. What's next???? Walking along and the handles fall off. This baby is going back tomorrow. I will be there when the store doors open. Oh, and forget about writing or contacting the designer or any of the employees if you do have a concern... I did over the first problem...apparently they can't be bothered!!!!!!!!!!! OMG... I am so angry right now!!!
  7. ^
    His bags are cute, but after hearing your story, I'm going to stay away from them.
  8. What a terrible story! If you bought the bag with an Amex card you should be covered if it was a recent purchase. I hope you get a refund soon.
  9. I like the silver clutch
  10. Oh! That's horrid!
  11. Oh no...I'm seriously looking at the Alexia bag...I wonder if I can get other owners to give their input. Should I start another thread? That is so horrible couturebaglady, yikes!

  12. OMG! i'm so sorry to hear that...
    where did u get that bag?
    can u get a refund?
    i would be soooo pissed if i were you.
  13. I like this one :smile:
  14. I bought the bag at Nordstroms. They have been fantastic. No complaints with them. Just the quality of the handbag.