ZAC POSEN LOLA $503.. saks B&M

  1. Just came from Saks in NYC. Everything was really picked over but I did find a Zac Posen LOLA for $503 including tax.
    Not sure if I love the bag,,,,what do u think?????????
  2. oh i LOVE this bag... you're very lucky, i've had my eye on it for awhile.

  3. I've had a love/hate relationship with this bag. I thought about buying it early in the year, but just couldn't decide...but at that price, I probably would have snapped it up
  4. For that price, keep it.
  5. Saks NYC?? wow that's cheap. were there any left?
  6. I'd keep it, it's so cool, and such a deal.
  7. I bought this bag already and love it!!! It is a gorgeous handbag and it's one of my favorites! :yes: You got it even cheaper than I did, because with tax I paid $640
  8. Saw this bag at Saks SCP yesterday.
    Christine 714-540-3233 X356 is great!
    Hope it's still there ??
  9. great deal and a very understated chic bag! love it! how about an in action photo?
  10. if you don't love it don't buy just because of the good deal. There are so many other bags in the world.
  11. I have been looking at this bag all season, it really has a classy look, and I just snapped one up at Saks on-line for $503. I agree it is very chic. I'm just not familiar with that brand, but I was watching it on e-luxury when it went down to $750ish. So, hopefully I'll like it. These sales are just too tempting. It's time to go through my closet for a major clean out.

  12. Correction--the price was $517, still a great price!!