Zac Posen Fans in San Diego!

  1. I saw a posting on Nordy's window at the Fashion Valley store in SD. Zac Posen will be making an in-store appearance!!!! This is HUGE for San Diego.

    Anyways, I believe the date was April 13 from 11:00-2:00. But I'm not positive. I'll call the store tomorrow when they're open and will post the correct date/time!
  2. omg how i wish i was in SD!!! damnit!!! if someone is there ask him if he is releasing anymore of his aurora bags!!! :p
  3. !! I'm going to be in class in Los Angeles--bummer!
  4. This is the info (from

    Friday, April 13
    Nordstrom Fashion Valley
    San Diego, California

    Meet designer Zac Posen and view his Spring 2007 collection.

    In Collectors, on two.

    For more information, and to RSVP please call:

    (619)295-4441 (ext 1350)
  5. Hey TheGirlGotSOul!

    Are u going to be there? If you are, pls tell us Zac Posen fans how it was, and what his Spring 07 collection is like too! :yahoo:
  6. I'm not going, because I live in Rhode Island, but if I did live in Cali, I sure would be!

    But I did meet Zac this past December @ RISD. My friend was a model in one of the student fashion show/reviews and Zac was a guest judge. He was SUPER nice and friendly and talked to my friend and I for like half an hour. And he gave really amazing, positive feedback to all the students and was so cool.

    This is the pic we got with him. My friend, Zac and I!