Zac Posen Clutch available at Saks again! $197.90

  1. Omg! you are awesome for posting this!!! :nuts:

    I saw it when it came on the sale page a while back and debated back and forth about it until it disappeared.... I was so bummed b/c I really need a new wallet and would love one that doubles as a clutch!

    Anyway I just snatched one up. :yahoo: Hopefully it comes thru! :yahoo:

    Do you have any pics of yours?
  2. Did you get it? Here are some pics, sorry about the fingerprints! The color is much deeper and richer than the pics show too.
    clutch4.jpg clutch3.jpg clutch2.jpg
  3. its no longer available online..
  4. Argh, I missed out on this again!

    Congratulations to those that scored this deal though! :nuts:
  5. Great color and deal! What was the original price?
  6. Grace123, thank you so much for the pics! :yes::yes::yes: I am super excited to get mine now!

    I did manage to order one and got my order confirmation email, so it looks promising right now!

    Carmen, I looked online and found that the original price was $495.00 and now it was 197.90! so that's 60% off original retail price! woo! :yahoo:
  7. Chia, I'm glad you got it! I tried to get one 3 times before this. The last time, it was stolen out of my cart when I was trying to check out! LOL So then I was cruising designer names and voila! There it was! I'm really surprised to see it back again. You will love it, the leather is sooooo soft and luscious! I'm going to use it as a wallet I think.
  8. Sniff Sniff
    Its no longer available online...
    Very happy for the lucky ladies - thanks for sharing the info!!!
  9. it's back online. wonder if it is really in stock or not =P

    um nevermind. OOS. i guess maybe i did get one. haha
  10. I've seen this at Saks yesterday. PM me if you want the details.
  11. Does anyone know the Original price for the clutch?
  12. Original price is $495. I just got mine today (yay! :yahoo:) and it had the tag stating $495 as the price.
  13. Thanks! Lucky you :tup:
  14. DAMMIT! I keep missing out on this. Everytime it pops up, I am too late!