Zac Posen bags - 70% off at Shopbop

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  1. Wow nice 2nd chances for those who missed these at the Saks sale. The Zac Posen I have has leather like butter - snag these while you can!
  2. I have the pleated Trillium and this bag is gorgeous...the leather is TDF!!! Some one snag them!!!
  3. I got the Jennifer bag!
  4. #5 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    this 20% off code was posted in another thread. It works on sale and final sale too!

  5. I am thinking about this one! Is it big? Heavy?

    Any info is appreciated! ;)
  6. I would say it's Medium sized; not heavy at all; and the leather is buttery, buttery soft. I get compliments every time I use this purse. The color is a rich burgundy- very nice. Go for it!!! And use the 20% off coupon...:tup:
  7. I tired to just get The Pleated Trillium for $435 But someone beat me to it.:crybaby:
  8. Received the Jennifer bag today and it's even better in person. I totally fell in love with it!
  9. that is so pretty... i'm tempted too but i do not have $400+ to kick around right now....
  10. no :nogood: