Zac Posen Austyn in Chocolate $619.90

  1. I put this bag on hold. It retails for $1,550 and is marked down to $619.90. The bag is in great condition, it is brown with a gold trim (nicely done not tacky). The SA holding the bag is Megan Runneals 415.753.1344 ext 1250, the bag is under my name Patrice

    Megan is off on Tuesday but another SA can ring it up for her and do a charge/send
    Hope someone gets it. The Nordies is in San Francisco - Stonestown
  2. Very pretty bag. I found 2 pics.... in case someone was wondering.
    austyn.jpg austin2.jpg
  3. Thanks for posting the pics
  4. Did anyone purchase?
  5. I bought this bag in Amethyst at Christmas, and I just LOVE it.

    It's quite big, but I get loads of compliments on it. It's stunning in person.
  6. They have this bag in Amethyst & Brown @ shop bop - additional 20% off with designer sale makes it $620 - free ship.
  7. Beautiful!
  8. wowww.. nice bag!:tup:
    stonestown is like 10 mins away.. i should probably stop by this weekend.. just to see..