Zac Posen Aurora

  1. hey ladies,

    i went to Nordstrom today and saw the ZAC POSEN AURORA in ALL BLACK. it had gold hardware..and it was absolutely stunning...very eye catching yet classy, for sure. it was the last one, and i wanted a NEW one, so the SA is trying to locate another for me to buy....

    but, now i have a little dilemma....i originally wanted to buy an ALL BLACK HANDBAG, so i suppose the all black AURORA would be perfect...until i saw the BURGUNGY and BLACK AURORA (pictured below)..its HOT!!!

    which one do you grls prefer? do you think the BURGUNDY/BLACK would match well with clothes? hum..decisions..decisions..

    also, if anyone has experience with ZAC POSEN bags, or just comments in general, please share! i dont mind at all..haha..(ie- u think im making a dumb purchase, and my money is better spend on other brands..haha) i would love to hear ideas, since ZAC POSEN is rather NEW at handbag designs.

  2. I haven't owned a Zac Posen bag, but I must admit I am really interested. I saw this bag in the purple/black combination in a magazine and it's hot!
  3. I think it depends on what kinda of look you're going for. The burgundy/black combo is a stunning, "statement" piece to me--the bag sorta makes the outfit, rather than it complimenting the clothes.

    The black/black combo is beautiful and would be a great long-term classic since it has that old fashioned frame bag feel. The black/black combo makes the bag a little less of a focal point.
  4. I love the black and burgandy zac posen its really different....
  5. i love the black and burgundy combo is gorgeous....:love::love:
    :heart: this bag!
  6. I haven't seen any of the bags in person, but they do sound very lovely. I like the black/burgundy combo that Rachel Bilson is carrying....very unique and cute. However, I would personally chose an all black simply because I think it would be easier to wear.

    But, you should go with your gut instinct as to which you like better!
  7. The burgundy/black definitely makes a statement. It's beautiful though. Reminds me a little of that new MJ bag the Hudson, but this one is definitely more structured.
  8. Added to my wish list!
  9. I vote for all black -- just more versatile and understated.

    The burgundy/black makes a statement, but might stick too well in people's minds (you might feel you can't take it out to functions where the guests have already seen you with it).
  10. hey guys...whatever u do, DO NOT go to the SA names GINA at Nordstrom (PARAMUS NJ)..she is a very irrepsonsible SA, and here is why:

    i visited NORDS (PARAMUS) on tues to see their ZAC POSEN. they only had all black AURORA. after i left, i called BERGDORF, and found out they they had the PURPLE/BLACK one (pictured above), so I asked it to be place don hold so I can go and purchase it, as well as see it in person at Bergdorf. Yesterday morming, Gina from NORDS called me and said she has a PURPLE/BLACK one, the one i wanted at the store. Since, NORDS was closer to me, i rather go there to buy the bag. however, before calling BERGDORF to cancel my hold, i called Gina AGAIN, to CONFIRM SHE HAS THE CORRECT BAG.

    she SWORE she does, and she said the bag is "purple, like eggplant."

    i called bergdorf to cancel..adn got to NORDS at 7:35pm. Gina left, and another SA showed me the bag.....and what do i see???

    how is BROWN PURPLE????? the SA who showed me was shocked too bc he also said "ITS NOT PURPLE"

    DUH!!! purple is NOT BROWN....i couldnt believe it. i rushed to NORDS hoping to see my bag, and i was so upset.....i just felt decieved, bc i canceled my order with bergdorf....

    anyhow, i called BERGDORF this mornign, and thankfully, they still have my i did a charge sent plus 2 day express shipping, so i should get it by tuesday.....*sigh* i guess there is a happy ending after all..hehehe

    will post pics once i get it!!
  11. I really like this bag but it's sooo pricey. Because of this and because Posen's only just starting out w/handbags, I'm holding out...but it's hard! It's a stunning style. Love the chain!
  13. I adore this! There is an all black one at my work that I always look at. I'm so tempted to put it on hold and buy it!
  14. wow.. that's a neat looking bag.. i should check it out at the store....
  15. sorry but how much do this bags run for?also, any detailed pics of it?? I havent made up my mind yet