Zac posen aurora bag in black??

  1. Does anyone know of anywhere that is still selling the zac posen aurora bag in black?? :heart::heart: :heart: I am dying for one.

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. unfortunately, i dont think they are even selling the aurora bag anymore :confused1: . i think it was sold out ages ago! Ive been looking for one for AGES but to no avail. I know that the white one is still available tho but it doesn't come with the chain. Kinda defeats teh purpose of owning that bag tho. Good luck trying to find the black one! :smile:
  3. There's a whole bunch of colors, including black, at the Nordstrom store in the San Francisco Shopping Center. Their phone # is (415)243-8500 ext. 1250
  4. Hey Archipelago,

    Do you know when they stocked the black in Nordstrom? Did they get it in recently? Cos i actually used a personal shopper to find me one and she couldnt locate any in other colour besides white! :crybaby: Do you know if that Nordies has any other colour besdies black? Thanks!
  5. The black is still there. In fact, I went yesterday and they still had plenty of them. Besides black, there was also white and a teal color with darker blue accents as trim.
  6. The white one doesnt have the chain does it? I find it odd that Zac decided to make that colour w/o a chain. Did they have any burgundy or red colour ones? Archipelago, i noticed that you were looking for an Aurora ages ago, did u manage to finally get one? :smile:
  7. I still haven't gotten an Aurora bag. The only color I want is burgundy and I have a feeling I'll never find it. None of the bags I saw had the mirrored chain. I didn't open the bags up though. Maybe it was tucked inside for safekeeping.
  8. I'm 99% sure that the Nordstrom in San Diego (Fashion Valley store) has it in black as of tonight. Zac Posen made a personal appearance, so I have a feeling they might have gotten some "harder" to-find bags... Their number is 619.295.4441.

    Ask for Cory and tell her one of Joseph's customers sent you. Joseph used to be my SA, but he's no longer there--Cory's a sweetie!
  9. anyone else manage to go to the store to see Zac's new collection of bags?