Zac Posen Abbey satchel - anyone own one?

  1. Curious how the leather is and how the hexagon looks in real life? It looks adorable on Rachel Bilson but of course her color amethyst is nowhere to be found online. All I can seem to locate is black. Thanks!

  2. I know its not the same bag, but you can get the Austyn in Amethyst at lots of places online.

    It's actually my current most wanted bag.

  3. Love this bag!
  4. Very cute! Love the hardware!
  5. This bag is really really nice! Cute and really goes with anything!
  6. I have this bag in black. It is gorgeous!!! The bag is made incredibly well, and leather is sort of like a Marc Jacobs bag. The hexagon shape is not ridiculously defined in any way. I loved it when I received it, actually much better than the picture on eluxury. I haven't used it yet. Had a few other bags to try out first.
  7. Well I would love it in any color other than I have two black Chanels coming. Darn! I will check out the amethyst in the different style but I love the Abbey style. I *love* the hexagon closure! How does it work actually? Equalizer LOL - too many bags, too little time!!!!
  8. Ooooh I just checked out that Austyn and it's very similar! IF it's a shoulder bag that might be the one I splurge for :smile:

    Hey girl you are from RI? So am I!!!!!!!! Smithfield to be exact but I always work in Providence.

  9. You are talking to the Queen of Black bags!!! The hexagon closure is magnetic. Martha Stewart had this bag on her show when she had the handbag show a few week's ago. It really is very nice....Good luck with your quest!
  10. I am in RI too! Too bad we don't have any real good places in Providence to buy bags! Hahahhahaha.
  11. Yeah NO kidding. Our Nordies doesn't carry hardly any of the lines, it stinks!!!! Boston is the closest and I don't do the train ride very often.
  12. Did she really? I'll have to see if I can find some pics. I am in :heart: with the style of this bag.

  13. i just got this bag do you want me to post pics of me wearing it?? i can post that for you! let me know. You can get it in red too if you want to know where write me thanks
  14. bloomingdales dot com has an abbey bag for sale and so does eluxury
  15. I don't have this bag, but boy, I wish I did! It's adorable.