Zac Efron

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    He really is the ladies’ choice.
    The dreamy Zac Efron of High School Musical takes his shirt off (well, in the process off) for this week’s issue of Rolling Stone. (This is the same sexy picture that’s previewed on part of Us Weekly’s new cover.)
    Zac, 19, touches upon how his on-set relationship turned into a true-life romance. He admits to Rolling Stone, “The weird thing that no one expected about Vanessa [Hudgens] is that underneath such a sweet girl – this Gabriella type character, is a very, very sexy woman.”
    TEN DAYS until the Disney Channel premieres High School Musical 2!

  2. i'm bumping this old thread b/c i'm going to watch his new movie this weekend, the lucky one. plus this was the only older thread that didn't involve his X, vanessa, in the title.
    when he was in HS musical i didn't think he was cute plus he was so young but after seeing the trailer for the Lucky One i think he's really cute and a bit more masculine looking now with age and some extra weight. plus he's a bit buff now.

    anyone else with me or am i the lonely old lady in the corner? maybe we should change the title of this thread?
  3. I love him!
    We really need a thread for him. I'm so excited to see his movie the lucky one

    Btw am I the only one who can't see the rolling stones pic of him?
  4. no this is an old thread so i'm not surprised you can't see the photo. i can't either.
    i would have started a new thread but i'm awful when it comes to uploading photos.
  5. He had me when he dropped his rubber at the premier for that kiddie film....
  6. :lol: say what? i never heard that but i haven't followed his career either. i have yet to see High School Musical.
  7. Lucky One Premier, Luck One Trailer, Beach in Malibu and a couple of photo shoots.
    Zac-Efron.jpg Zac-Efron-hot-zac-efron-7280168-373-477.jpg theluckyone.jpg 220px-Zac_Efron_2012.jpg
  8. OMG!!!... you didn't hear about that???.... it happened recently... it was funny.... he was on the red carpet for some kid movie he was in.... I think it was a Disney film... so he has his hands in his pockets.... and then when he takes his hands out.... a couple of condoms accidently fell onto the red carpet.... I was :roflmfao:.....

  9. Yum!
  10. we need pap shots of him.
    he is hot :smile:)
  11. safe sex is the best sex, y'all
  12. Have you seen Zac on Punk'd? It was hilarious!
  13. is he dating someone?