Zac Efron Pulled Over By Police For Driving Too Slow

  1. Zac Efron was recently pulled over by cops while driving around in his black Audi A6 with on and off again love interest Vanessa Hudgens, according to a National Enquirer report. The insider claims:

    "He was popped by the cops (and) it was actually for going too slow. Zac was driving slowly because he was trying to figure out the navigation system in his new car. When the traffic officer recognized Zac, he gave him a warning instead of a ticket, and asked him to sign an autograph for his niece."

    The full story is here

  2. Hahaha that is so funny. He should have just pulled over and he would have figured it out faster.
  3. Wow, a story that involves a celebrity and cops...thats actually funny! Cute story, bad Zach for doing other things rather then driving! lol. At least he wasnt drinking and driving!
  4. haha i read the first 6 words and thought the worst.