Zac Efron Is "very self-effacing, just like Cameron Diaz"

  1. Hairspray director Adam Shankman says that Zac Efron is, "ambitious and so talented, yet very self-effacing, just like Cameron Diaz, He doesn't care about being cute or cool. When we shot (the song) 'Without Love,' I made him make out with a photo of Nikki Blonsky for over two hours. I tortured him, and he was great about it."


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  2. Wow I know this might sound weird but the flip-flops are a real turn-off.
  3. ^ ITA!! I mostly hate flip flops on guys and those are particurlarly ew.
  4. Eww yeah! They look like girl flip-flops and they are WHITE!?! It would look much better with some wider leg jeans (the straight leg is NOT meant for flops) and some LV Bastia flip-flops!
  5. I remember that a gossip blog's readership made a big fuss abouth Zach Efron's hairy feet... lol.
  6. He is always so groomed. I dont believe he doesnt care about looking cute. He seems very gay to me.
  7. LOL!!!! Yes, especially on guys since most of the time their feet look gross!!!! He's cute but I do not like his hair - it's too overdone for a guy. I want to push back all of the long pieces behind his ear or just cut them off so that his hair looks shorter. His jeans look like girl jeans, too!
  8. I think he's cute, but I agree about the white flip-flops. I don't have a problem with flip-flops in general, but white?? heheh
  9. Geeze i must be a bad offender I'm a guy with hairy feet and i own white flip flops. but i only wear mine to the beach/pool and with shorts never jeans i hate that look.
  10. ITA! He's tooo put together.
  11. lies wrt no grooming etc, haha. unless he has no facial hair hormones. his brows are perfect, his hair is perfect. yea. and the white flipflop.. hmm good try at david beckham's flip flop look, but DB wears it with shorts and looks good.

  12. :lol: I agree!!
  13. I live in LA and flip flops and jeans are all cool here, everyone can get away with it here.
  14. ITA. Those look like Havaiana's (sp?) or plain flip flops you could get at Old Navy.

    Also, it's really obvious to me that he's wearing makeup. I don't like guys that are prettier than me or wear more makeup than I do lol.
  15. Wow he looks like a girl sometimes...a bit scary