1. Whose going to this year's z100 Jingle Ball..??

    *and would love to give me their tickets hahaha..

    So they went on sale today at 4:00p.m, I waited for like a week for them to come out.. so that me and my frends can go to the concert! I could not get group of 4 tickets!!! now THEY ARE sOLD OUT!!

    Im heart broken :sad::s..

    I am currently trying to win them off of z100 haha, or my last resort is ebay!
  2. Are they really sold out? Wow...they have a good lineup this year. Guess I'm going to be hitting redial, too.
  3. try listen to the radio station or something, they usually give it away when you call around this time. at least in boston they do every morning, and they're Front Seats