Z&J's Updated family photo. What's missing?

  1. What's next??????
    Family 12 06.JPG
  2. Grass green city maybe?
  3. You have an impressive collection. Lots of great colors and styles. I can't tell from the pic what your black bag is. If it's not a Purse perhaps a Purse would be a nice addition to your collection.
  4. you're missing a bag from the green family=) maybe a Verte d'Eau first???:P
  5. That's what I was thinking too:yes: Just not a first girl
  6. Green or red!
  7. great collection!
    but i'm sure there's some more room left for a green and maybe something from the first? :P
  8. Or why not a light color, natural or white for spring summer...?
  9. Yeah I think you need a green to complete the color chart!
  10. wow great pieces.....they look so great together :smile:
  11. Congrats on your gorgeous collection...
    You need maybe green or red now ;)))))))))