yvesrocherusa.com buy 1 get 1 FREE

  1. Is anyone familiar with their products? They have a ton to stuff going for cheap and is buy one get one free! Then additionally, there is a free shipping code, F4318, and some free products with purchases over only $10! :wlae:

    *credit goes to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I have quite some stuff that I want to get, but I'm not sure how well they work. What do you girls think??
  2. i'm curous too. I've never tried them.
  3. Try this code for $10 off a $45 purchase
  4. well at these prices, if you don't like them, you could just give them away or throw them out :smile:
  5. I LOVE their Caribbean Aloe Body wash! It smells heavenly :love: The price is a steal too, at $2.50! My mum liked their pure calmille Chamomile cleansing lotion, it was a spur of the moment buy, we were on holiday and she ran out of her old one.
  6. does anyone know if they ship internationally? i used theirproducts before and cant find it here in aussie:crybaby:
  7. Thanks So Much!
  8. I started using their stuff when I was in France.

    Now I order it in the states. I reccomend their anti-aging products in the Pro-Retionol Serum Vegetal. Also their green tea bodywash, mmmm.

    I don't reccomend their foundations though, the colors are really limited.

    The luminelle eyeshadows, glosses, and lipsticks are nice. Mascara depends on the season. I don't really like the current one, separting. But their volumizing one was really good.

    Can't beat the prices and they use a lot of natural ingredients. Hope that helps!

    I think they are doing 60% off now instead of buy 1 get 1, so its a good time. You never have to pay full price with YR.
  9. thanks for the advice, protein!