Yves St. Laurent Dragon Bag


Feb 12, 2006
Hi, this is the bag that I wanted to buy from the eluxuryforless site., They are selling it for 399.00 and most of them are sold out! I know these are fake, but what would you guys do if you really really really wanted one:wacko: ., I can't seem to find them any place else. :sad:
Sorry, I didn't include a link, it is the St. Tropaz "Dragon" bag, it has layers of pieces of leather put together on the bag...Even on Ebay, they are going for over 700.00 and i'm sure those are fake also.....just wondering what you guys would do....
I had a real craving for this bag last year and got one of the last large black ones available in the country:


You could try calling YSL boutiques, but I really don't think they are still available. The small version in pony hair was available a couple months ago, as well as the mini version, but I haven't seen any of the regular sized ones in regular leather for a while. I don't think they have gone completely out of production, hopefully they will be released in some different colors in the future. You could try Ebay for one, and this forum could probably help tell you if its authentic based on pics etc :biggrin: Its a really great bag, hope you find it!
OH MY GOSH, YOUR PIC IS JUST BEAUTIFUL......YOU HAVE MY BAG....I'M GOING TO GET ONE NO MATTER WHAT! NOW I'M ON A MISSION! Thanks, I did see one on Ebay, and it is pink, but the pic is sort of blurred, either the pic or my puter., either way, i'll get you the number and you guys can check it out....if that ok with you.
please don't get a fake...the factories exploit their workers and no one should be exploited for a handbag...the bag is beautiful, i'm sure you can track one down somewhere! you'll feel better about it if you hold out for a real one.
keech said:
Noriko, is that silver hardware on your bag?

Yes it if silver :biggrin: I think the white came with the gold hardware. I requested the gold, but I don't think they made it that way for that season. I am very happy with the silver hardware though, it has an aged look and doesn't show scratches as easily as the gold. The gold has a really smooth finish, beautiful too, but probably wont look as good after its been used a few times.

I really hope you get your bag! I remember how excited I was to get it, make sure you post pics when you do. I'll keep my eye out as well! Have you contacted the boutiques to see if they can locate one? Maybe they still have one stuck in the back somewhere. Dior has a ton of stuff that hasn't been on display FOREVER.

YSL also has an outlet, I highly doubt these bags are there, but who knows. I would give them a call anyway to see if they are expecting any of them in.

As a sidenote, I love the YSL dustbags :lol: Its not the white one my bag is on in the pic, its this really silky black:love:
Oh, Absolutely! I probably would have picked the silver color over the gold, I have alot of old coaches and the gold is already looking, well, not so new, lol......but yes, PLEASE, if you see anything, let me know, even like the one Ayla posted, but i prefer the black ......also, would you know the numbers of any of the boutiques or outlets., or where they are.....I know I am not near any of them......Thanks again for posting the pic, just makes me want it more :smile:
Here is the # for the woodbury commons outlet:

818 Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche (845) 928-2169

Here is the # for the cabazon outlet:

514 Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche (951) 922-8026

The #s for the boutiques can be found on their site, its flash so I can't c/p.

I really hope you find one! Also, if you come across a white in the small size, let me know. I decided to buy one too late and it was already sold :sad: I really wouldn't mind having another though, if not I might get the Muse lol, totally different bag, but it looks like a good everyday, which is what I NEED!