Yves saint laurent volupté sheer candy

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  1. Does anyone have any of these lip balms? If so how do you like them? I am interested in purchasing the cool guava and maybe the tasty raspberry but, I just wanted to make sure it's worth the purchase. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. ;)
  2. I'd also love to know! I fell in love with the packaging, but wonder if the colour is TOO sheer?
  3. From what I can see today it is sheer but, still adds color to the lips just not extremely pigmented like a regular lipstick if that makes sense.
  4. I'm just wondering if the colour is too sheer for the price... But the packaging.... Wow!!! That alone might be worth the price! Stunning!

  5. I know it's so pretty right and I love that it's in silver instead of gold.
  6. I just bought one in a fig color and I really love it and I'm usually not a big lip products fan. Mainly the texture is amazing and very moisturizing..color is sheer but you can build it up and especially a little darker color like mine looks so shiny and beautiful. Def lux :smile:
  7. These are the best. I have the bright pink one and it layers well and is so moisturizing. Holy Grail for me.
  8. Thanks for the feedback ladies I can't wait to get mine on Wednesday.
  9. FYI if anyone is interested in the Tasty Raspberry it is sold out at Sephora and YSL but, I did find it at Neiman Marcus.com
  10. What is tasty raspberry? I didn't see that color online?
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  12. I own the YSL Sheer Candy balm in Mouthwatering Berry. This color is highly pigmented sheer and buildable. These balms are very moisturizing but not long wearing.
  13. Love this stuff. I have the #3 (I think it's called Juicy Grapefruit), so no real colour, but it's so great. Love the texture, the smell, packaging, not waxy, etc.
    Unlike another poster though, I find this lasts quite long versus other balms. It's worth it for sure.
  14. I have a few on my wishlist!
  15. I bought a couple of these on a whim, in Tasty Raspberry & Mouthwatering Berry.

    I ended up returning Tasty Raspberry (it was practically invisible on me), but Mouthwatering Berry is amazing. I realized that I've been reaching for it every single day; it's the perfect wash of color that is super easy to wear, leaves a great stain, and is very moisturizing. Definitely a staple for me, and I've got Sweet Fig & Succulent Pomegranate on my wishlist now ;)