Yves Saint Laurent 'Volume Effet Faux Cils' Luxurious Mascara

  1. My lashes are thin and short. I hate to wear mascara but I love this one. It smells good and it makes my lashes long and fuller.

    Has anyone else tried this brand?
  2. YSL's everlong is my favorite mascara of all time (and i've tried pretty much everything)! i currently have at least 15 mascaras on my dresser, but the YSL is the only one that i keep reaching for-and i also love the smell :rolleyes:.
  3. Haven't tried it.. I'm still obsessed with my Chanel Inimitable! I'm glad that you've found what works best for you though, congrats!
  4. I just got this one from the duty free in Amsterdam ... hadn't seen it before.

    I love love love it!!!! It's perfect, and I can't get enough!
  5. I love it and i always use it but it seems to dry out much faster than the other mascaras i had...it is worth the price though :love:
  6. ^^^ I agree it does seem to dry out faster. It does work great though.
  7. LOVE this mascara, and i've tried them all!! (dior, chanel, fresh, mac, lancome...)
  8. Agree that it works great but does seem to dry out pretty fast.....
  9. if you put about 2 drops of distilled water into the mascara about a month-month 1/2 into the product, it stretches its life so it does dry out as fast :smile:
  10. I love it..not my normal everyday mascara (I use Chanel's Inimitable). I use it for special events in the violet color. Doesn't weight my lashes down like some mascaras.
  11. I JUST posted this product in the "list your favorite makeup products" thread.

    My favorite mascara is
    Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara in very black, but I also really love the YSL in Fascinating Violet. It's such a pretty purple color. I like to put it on my lower lashes, with black on the top.
  12. ^ I use the purple too. Hehe I love it. Today I didn't wear mascara and honestly..I don't even need to. I just LOVE wearing mascara and trying new ones out. IDK why..LOL
  13. Hmm this has got me interested... I use Chanel and although it is good I am forever on my search for the elusive perfect mascara. ;)

    For anyone with the YSL products is there a difference between "Volume Effet Faux Cils" and the "Volume Infini Curl"? I look for volume and curl in my mascaras but if the effet faux cils does it all, it would be an easy choice! :nuts:
  14. I have never used it, but I am assuming the second one just lifts your lashes if you have straight lashes.

    I still like Chanel more as an everyday mascara, but this is really great.
  15. If you prefer a waterproof version of YSL's Volume Effet Faux Cils' Luxurious Mascara, then I recommend the YSL Mascara Aqua-Resistant. I like these mascaras too.