Yves Saint Laurent 'Touché Brillance' Sparkling Touch for Lips

  1. Has anyone tried this yet? If so what are your thoughts? I was thinking of trying the sparkling nude shade...It's pricey so I wanted reviews of the product as a whole first. Thanks!
  2. i have one and i like it, the consistency is different than regular lip gloss. i also like that it has a brush tip instead of a wand tip. it's not at all sticky or gooey and the color stays relatively well.
  3. Thanks! Can I ask what shade you have? I like the nude but it's kind of hard to tell from the color swatches on Nordstroms.
  4. i looked on the tube and couldn't find a color name - the only thing i saw was an '8'

    ...actually, i just looked on Nordstrom's site, and apparently #8 is 'Sparkling Nude,' so we appear to be talking about the same color! i really like it, it's understated and great to pair with a smoky or dramatic eye because it gives you lots of shimmer without being overpowering. i really like eye makeup, but i won't go without something on my lips, and this is great for that. it's also not sticky, so my hair doesn't get caught in it as badly as with other glosses. give it a shot!
  5. I actually just bought this color about 20 minutes ago online from Nordstroms! Thanks so much for your reviews of it! Sounds like a great product and I'm psyched to get it!
  6. excellent! i hope you love it!
  7. Hi,

    I love this product and have shades #4 Sparkling Garnet, #6 Misty Pink and #7 Petal Rose. They're great either on their own or over your favourite lipstick. I also find them quite long lasting, considering they're a gloss. The sparkly bits linger!