Yves Saint Laurent t-shirt

  1. Gals, I have been desperately searching for this YSL shirt. I tried the YSL store and they were out of my size and said they didnt know when they would get it back in stock. Does anyone know where I can purchase it? :crybaby::hysteric:
  2. Try calling a YSL outlet.
  3. ohhhhh i love that shirt too! anyone knows how much it is?
  4. hmm, i really like the design the letters have created! Good Luck finding some place that carries it. :smile:
  5. :yahoo: I just called the YSL store again, and they told me they were getting a new shipment in tomorrow in my size XS!! I put my name down for 4. I got them in white with pink YSL, white with blue YSL, pink with white YSL, and grey with white YSL! The SA told me they were $250.00 dollars each. Im really excited!:yahoo:
  6. where are the YSL stores located?
  7. i saw that on super sweet sixteen, it looks really... noveau riche...
  8. I have a black one shoulder T-shirt with the YSL in gold...it is really cute!!!