Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Volupte' Lipstick????

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  1. anyone have this.. there are a few shades that i would like to try but at 34.00 a tube... i am not sure i want to try them that bad most of all if the texture is gross.
  2. I'm thinking about buying one or two. They look sooo pretty :P
    I tried them and I liked them - they're very creamy.

    I like the the brown one (not the darkest brown) and the pink one.

    I looked the colors up: divine mahagony and provocative pink
  3. Somebody has just reviewed this in the reviews thread (stickied)... it look really gorgeous - great coverage and very true to colour!
  4. ^here is the blog I think you're talking about. Jen I hope its okay! I think after reading her review I might have to get one. :yes:
  5. I have 3 (there are some pictures posted on Jen's blog that I sent her in one of her older entries, see link above). They are great! I have #2, #7, and #8. My favorite is #8. Just like Jen, I found #7 to be too pale on me, and #2 is a nice nude color. The texture is super creamy, and they feel very nice. The packaging is really pretty too.
  6. thanks! :P these lippies are very true to color, have a gorgeous creamy consistency, and are pleasantly scented. plus a little bit goes a long way since they're creamy so i find myself using less than i would with any other lipstick.

    pursefanatic it's most definitely okay--thanks so much for linking me! :heart:

    you should definitely check these out, although i'd recommend checking out the colors in person since the online swatches and descriptions aren't really the best.

    ITA with all of this! and since #8 is your fave i think i may need to try it--i've been afraid it might be too bright :sad:
  7. I want to get at least one purely for how pretty the packaging is. I'm happy to hear the quality is wonderful (I would hope so for the price, lol).