Yves Saint Laurent Rodeo Drive announces...

  1. (from received email)

    Yves Saint Laurent
    Introducing Yves Saint Laurent's latest Muse
    Thursday, June 15th

    Join us for the exclusive opportunity to have your Muse hand-embossed

    Rsvp 310 271 4110
    Beverly Hills 326 North Rodeo Drive
  2. Hell...I would like to have a Muse to hand-emboss!!!!
  3. I have a Black Oversized Muse, and I got mine embossed when I called the YSL store. It took a week to get it embossed in France and a couple more days to arrive at my house. I totally recommend it and I think it adds a great personal touch.
  4. I just received my large embossed chocolate muse last night from NM. I love it! The embossing is very subtle - even my DH said it was chic. :smile:
  5. ^^I'd LOVE to see photo's of your embossed Muse bloemetje!!!!!
    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  6. I'll try to take some this afternoon when I get home from work. :smile:
  7. Oh wow, me too!! I will go watch the soccer then go to sleep.. past midnite here in Aus. But hopefully tomorrow, I'll catch your pics:smile:))
  8. This may sound silly, but what do they mean by embossing it? Do they add decoration or something to it? :flowers:

  9. ^^^thank you thank you thank you! I can't wait. I'm sure the embossing is stunning! :heart:
  10. Embossing in this case means that one's initials are heat stamped/pressed on the bag. It's very subtle, and the embossed initial is the same color as the leather. The traditional embossing is one initial on each side of the lock. YSL also did three initials embossed below the lock, and they also embossed on the back of the bag (at the top) as well.
  11. Thank you angstofgumby for clearing that up!