Yves Saint Laurent – Persian lamb coat

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Oct 1, 2018
Was going to post this in the Authenticate forum but saw it was only for bags and accessories–sorry for the new thread!

I recently purchased this pre-owned Yves Saint Laurent coat from TheRealReal and am questioning its authenticity (despite TheRealReal's authenticity guarantee, which we know is not fool-proof). The listing doesn't have any date/season information and I know it's not from within the last few years, but I've never seen a YSL label like this. The inner care/fabrication tags as well as the exterior buttons don't say YSL anywhere.

Can anyone weigh in?

IMG_8827.JPG IMG_8828.JPG IMG_8829.JPG IMG_8833.JPG IMG_8832.JPG IMG_8830.JPG IMG_8831.JPG IMG_8834.JPG
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