Yves Saint Laurent "Muse" bag

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  1. Hi~
    I wanted to know what everybody thought of the Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag? It's the one Demi Moore, Naomi Watts and Kate Moss have. It comes in 3 sizes, I was thinking of buying the large one. I'm sorry I don't have any picturnes. I want to know if anyone thinks it's a classic or just a flash in the pan. Thanks!:biggrin:
  2. [​IMG]

    I like them :biggrin: They are very practical looking. I like the white :love: I've been pretty happy with the quality of YSL products as well, I've been getting a lot of defective merchandise, but none from them. The only thing that kind of ruined my experience there was a moron SA :lol:

    It looks like it could be a classic bag :biggrin: Some people think the huge Y is too much, but despite it's size, I don't really notice it much and I don't think someone who doesn't know bags would notice it at all.
  3. I love the white one!!! I think it will be a classic; it's simple but not plain.
  4. I can't seei it being the "IT" bag--BUT it's a great classic style. If you're looking for something that will be around for years, go for it. Try the different sizes and see what works best for you. I think the small one is a little too small and the large is pretty big...

    I've seen it in black, white, olive green, and brown. I LOVE the chocolate brown.
  5. Has anyone seen the ostrich muse? There are a few pics on TFS, its beautiful! I have to say, I like it even more than the croc version :biggrin: I really wouldn't mind having the x-large version, but I have no idea wtf I'd put in it!
  6. Clothes for the next three days? ;)
  7. Thank you so much for posting the picture. I'm kindof of dumb:wacko: at learning how to post pictures. Thanks again!
  8. i LOVE the oversized white one - LOVE.
  9. I love the tan color Noriko posted....and also in the larger size. I saw a picture of Naomi Watts with the smaller white version, but think the larger one is more functional.
  10. i also love the white one. i'm considering the smaller sized one because the oversized looked funny on me when i tried them on. i'm pretty short :sad: too bad for me. anyway, i think it's going to be a classic. the shape and style just says it all. i think it's a great bag and the price is also great. if i get it i would go for the white even though it's harder to take care of .. i just can't resist!
  11. :nuts: most likely:lol: Thats the problem I had with the Chanel cambon overnight bag as well:sad2: I love big bags but I don't have anything to put in them!
  12. very pretty.
  13. I have two... A large black and a large chocolate ostrich... Great bag IMO!
  14. I love this bag in chocolate too! The small is a good size, but it's hard to see all your stuff on the inside because the zipper doesn't open wide enough. The medium is probably the better size. I haven't seen it in ostrich.
  15. The nice thing about the small/medium and large sizes is that the handles are long enough to shoulder. The XL is primarily an arm held bag (unless you are very petite).