Yves Saint Laurent Maia Bag 50% Off @ NM

  1. Gorgeous! Thank you! I have one in my shopping basket now.
  2. oh that is really gorgeous! it's still in stock, in case anyone was wondering!
  3. Gorgeous! But out of my budget... :crybaby:
  4. ITA...if I had the spare cash, I would love to own that bag.
  5. So pretty but saving up for a LV
  6. That one's a beauty!
  7. nice bag, and its still available!
  8. gah!~ if i had the money to spare i'd like to get my hands on it. T_T
  9. You may have gotten it lovemyangels - it's gone now! Congrats! That baby is GORGEOUS!
  10. wow aesome deal, still available. someone should pick it up.
  11. This bag is really big in person.What they don't show is that the straps go through the top of the bag.It is great for a briefcase or overnight though.
  12. Would love to get it. Except it looks too big and will have to unlock it everytime you need to get stuff in and out of the bag.
  13. its still there.