Yves Saint Laurent changing to Saint Laurent Paris?!?!

  1. besides I don't think there's any baggage to Yves Saint laurent as opposed to Pierre Balmain...the original brand was nearly dead and over franchised to death in many parts of the world - I can still bedsheets with that brand, so I can understand the name change.

    Y is such an iconic thing for them...Hedi Hedi Hedi....I believe it has gotten to his head.
  2. Disliking this idea...
  3. :love: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

    As long as they keep the YSL branding I guess I don't mind. -My vintage YSL blouses are Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.
  4. hopefully the change will not be the bridge to outsourcing to other counties for production. I will not be interested. Prada bag made in India was a recent disappointment. Some Chole made in Hungary.
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    I personally do not like the idea of changing such an iconic logo without Yves being here to approve it...however, I am looking forward for all Tom Ford's and Pillati's bags I own to become vintage rare bags. I do not like recognizable logos nor to scream money into someone's face, but I like "secret codes" for ony those who understand to recognize, for the rest of the people in my surrounding, I would like them to see rather quality and style coming out of the bag than wealth and money. I can not forget the face of a SA in a local leather coats store when he saw my 2007 Miu Miu buffalo satchel with wooden frame, he was screaming around and no one understood why, since that day (needless to say that he sold to me perfect leather coat :smile: he waves to me when I see him on the street (happened few times already in 3 years :smile:

    I know it will be the same with tricolor Muse II or Downtown, or Tom Ford's red Mombasa :smile:)

    I would not be in fear of buying Y logo on bags for now, like easy or cabas...if I needed more easy's or liked cabas a lot, I would go for it to snitch what is left of the YSL legacy...unless Slimane has a real surprize which would knock me off my feet

    I know I am happy with bags I already have and am not thinking about buying more, or selling them, because I did not buy investment pieces but beautiful bags, and also can not wait for creative novelty in YSL HOWEVER seing a disaster which happened to Miu Miu and Mulberry, I am very sceptical here too. Not a disaster in terms of their profit, but in terms of quality and beauty of their bags (horror on both fields).
  6. I'm worried, because my guess behind their motivation is to make YSL more mass brand. Maybe they are thinking, "Saint Laurent Paris" will appeal to those who don't know who the designer Yves Saint Laurent was. People will see "Paris," think its chic, and buy it based off of that. Just some speculation on my part.
  7. This is a terrible idea, IMO. Hedi also is going to be headquartered in LA so it's kind of funny that he's adding Paris to the name. He's getting a major side-eye from me. I'm hoping he doesn't completely ruin my favorite brand...
  8. I fully agree with those of you who think it is silly to alter such a powerful logo. YSL rocks!