Yves Rocher Products?

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  1. Does anyone use Yves Rocher products? What do you think of them?
  2. Still wondering... lol... anyone? :shame::whistle: I keep getting catalogs from them.
  3. My Mum has been buying there for the past 25 years. Right now she uses their camomille/calmille make up remover, and bath/shower products. I have used these also and they are good, but it´s not anything great or premium.
    BTW my mum never uses their skincare or make up, nor do I. She uses Pharmacy stuff like Vichy, Avene and Roc.
    I think it´s still popular in France bc it´s suposedly better than drugstore (garnier,l´oreal) but not as costly as big brands. Their headline is "beauty from the vegetals and plants" , but I prefer The Body Shop (both quality and ethics)
  4. their products are nothing special IMO. if you know MAC quality YR makeup will seem like cr@p to you...
  5. the makeup things are very bad, the cremes and lotions are stuffed with chemicals. Some shower gels and perfumes have a nice smell - but that´s it. It´s the same like drugstore things, but more expensive... "vegetals and plants"... pah! Just because it sounds good...
  6. agree 100% with you :yes: ... I much more prefer the body shop to YR
  7. Thanks everyone for the info, everyone! :smile:
  8. My mom loves their perfumes, the lilac, rose and memosa specifically I think .. She likes the little cream perfumes as well (especially lilac which isn't found anywhere else) Other than that I think they're products aren't good, and I would never purchase the makeup, or even body lotions and such.
    I like the body shop.