Yurman Earring - Do they spin?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting these earrings. Wondering - they're sort of a cushion cut (squarish). Does anyone own them and if so will they SPIN ON THE EAR?

    Having them not be level might drive me crazy.

  2. I have some similar DY Amethyst cushion ones and they do not spin on my ears. The backs on them are so large and nice it keeps them in place!
  3. Syntagma - Thanks for the feedback. Do you love your earrings? Anything negative to say, please feel free.

    I want to give my husband the go ahead.

  4. Those earrings are gorgeous!
  5. They are sure cute little gems! Nice hubby.
  6. I tried a pair one in amethyst at Bailey's, Banks & Biddle. (I have the ring and am planning to get the earings too.) When I tried them on the earrings stayed in place.