Yup! I just bought a Chanel!

  1. So yeah, after saving my money, I bought myself a Chanel!!! Love the smell of it...

    BTW THEY HAVE A CHANEL IN Neiman Marcus IN international mall in Florida.

    Funny thing the lady didn't think I was going to buy it, well I'm pretty sure it's a stereotype...I did walk in with my boyfriend, and some of his cousins, we were acting like ourselves.

    I was there for like 20 minutes and I decided which one I wanted and I told the lady"I WANT THIS ONE", she just stood there and ignored me. Till I said" did you not hear me, I WANT THIS ONE"....her eyes lit up..

    I don't know if it was because she didn't think I was serious or because of how I looked. But oh well, I got myself a CHANEL, and now want a wallet! yup yup!!

    I can finally fit my PSP in a purse with out it taking up all the room.
  2. So which one did you get, and what is a PSP?
  3. Congrats on your first Chanel! post some pics.
  4. Congratulations On Your New Bag!!!

    That Wasn't Very Nice Of The Sales Person...I Guess What Matters Is You Have Your New Bag!:yahoo:
  5. PlayStationPortable.

    Roey ~ I Believe That's What The Last Initial Stands For....It's The Play Station Games ~ You Can Take It With You....Like Gameboy
  6. CONGRATS! yeah..i can relate to what happened to you too. i usually get ignored because of my age. but once they find out that im actually there because i want something, too late for them. thats what happened..i was ignored at chanel numerous of times so in the end, i called and placed the order over the phone & when i went back to chanel to pick it up, the mean SA looked super pissed dat he didnt get the commission.
  7. oh LOL what bag did u get? PICS PICS!
  8. I hate when SA's do that! But congrats on your bag! If it was me i'd say you just missed out on commission and walk out and go somewhere else hahah! Post some pics though i can't wait to see!
  9. congrats :yahoo:
    where's the pic? :p
  10. congrats. What bag did u get:nuts:
  11. Congrats. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  12. Ooh very nice :smile:

    Post pics!
  13. Nice!!! But don't leave us hanging!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts:

    What bag and pics por favor!!!!!!!!!!
  14. What did you buy? Congrats!
  15. Congrats! :yahoo:
    What did you get? We wanna see pics!:yes: